FD-Common Applications

FD is an Activated Clay-type of desiccants made from natural mineral Montmorillonite. FD is a newly developed desiccant that shows greater water vapor adsorption capability as compared to that of conventional desiccants,
 FD is chemically inert Montmorillonite  clay which is a naturally occurring   mineral as apposed to the chemically synthesized absorbent FD is totally an acid-free desiccant and consequently, can be widely used in various industries, including very fine electronic and mechanical parts, medicines, etc.
FD-Design Features

  • Much greater water adsorption power than conventional desiccants
  • Effective over a wide relative humidity range
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to use and safety to handle
  • Non-acid property and readily disposable
  • Permanent shape
  • Save cost over the long run

Frame: Aluminum Extruded
Replaceable Media: Eco drier
Technical Data :
Chemical Data of Eco Dry Desiccant
Composition SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O FeO H2O
Volume (%) 69.41 14.76 3.06 3 6.74 0.45 0.4 0.35 1.83

Absorbing Ability of Eco Dry Desiccant
Relative Humidity Absorbing Ability Packing Materials
20% 8% Non Woven Paper, Non Woven Bag
50% 20% Cloth bag
90% 30% Bulk. The sizes are from 1 Gram-2,000 Grams
Physical Data :
Physical Data of Eco Dry Desiccant
Appearance Pople or pale grey Granules
Water Solubility Not applicable
Boiling poing/range >1600oC
Decompositiion Temperature >1600oC
PH 4-8
Melting point/range 772oC
Bulk Density (g/ml) 0.90-1.1
Physical Appearance 1 - 3 mm.
Flammability (solid,gas) Not applicable
Vapour Pressure Nagligible
Explosive Properties Not applicable
Please put the required packet together with your goods before packing or storage.  Filter drier is readily disposable.  Its basic chemical property gives additional benefits in term of soil reconditioning, hence, automatically improve soil quality upon discharge.
For Industrial use :
Precision Apparatus Keep precision equipment (such as IV etc.) safe from moisture
AIR, LNG & LPG  Remove water from instrument air LNG or LPG
Exports Prevents exporting goods from moisture damage during shipment
Warehouse & Freight  Effectively protects all valuable packaging from moisture damage
For Home use:
Foodstuff Protects foodstuff from moisture damage, hence help maintain crisp
Pharmaceutica Ensure the quality of moisture sensitive pharmaceuticals
Photo Material Protect film sensitive emulsions from changing color due to moisture
Flower Drying Dries flower quickly and safety. Beautiful dried flowers last forever.


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