RM150-Common Applications

For the rough dust filtration in aerial engineering devices of all kinds.
  • air conditioning systems in office, department stores, schools, laboratory, etc.
  • Pre-filter for fine filters
  • Pre-filter in paint-booth-systems
Air velocity at test 1.5 m/s
Norminal Thickness 15-18 mm.
Dust holding at test final 520g/m2
Class according (DIN EN779) G3
Average arrestance (DIN EN779) 88%
Rate air flow 5400 m3/h
Initial pressure drop 20 Pa
Final pressure drop 250 Pa
Flammability (DIN53438) F1
Temparature resistance constant < 100 oC
Temparature short peaks < 120 oC
Roll sizes standard 2x20 m.

Products produced according to customer size requirements.
RM150-Design Features

  • Washable and reusable
  • Low resistance
  • Excellent flame retardant
  • Flexible
  • Economical and practical

Application: ≥5μm, Filter dust , (especial used in the train or the subway, where the place has air-conditioning), pre-filter through air filter program
Type: supply slices or rolls size
Media: synthetic fiber with gradual density, inlet side is blue color
Washable: about 4-5 times
EN779 class: G3 Average arrestance:88%(ASHRAE52.1-1992) EUROVENT4/5 class: EU3
DIN53438 Non-flammability Standard: F1
Final resistance: (suggest) 150Pa-250Pa Max. Dust holding capacity: 520g/m2 Temp. resistance: 100℃


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