RM100-Common Applications

For the rough dust filtration in aerial engineering devices of all kinds

  • air conditioning systems in office, department stores, schools, laboratory, etc.
  • Pre-filter for fine filters
  • Pre-filter in paint-booth-systems
RM100-Design Features

  • Washable and reusable
  • Low resistance
  • Excellent flame retardant
  • Flexible
  • Economical and practical

Application: ≥5μm , Filter dust , (especial used in the train or the subway, where the place has air-conditioning), pre-filter through air filter program Type: supply slices or rolls size Media: synthetic fiber with gradual density, Washable: about 2-3 times
The product is of innocuity, insipidity and can be discarded completely. The filter material density is increased by degrees.Little initial resistance, high efficiency, large dust capacity and water resistance.
Air velocity at test 1.5 m/s
Norminal Thickness 10-12 mm.
Dust holding at test final 430g/m2
Class according (DIN EN779) G2
Average arrestance (DIN EN779) 75%
Rate air flow 5400 m3/h
Initial pressure drop 20 Pa
Final pressure drop 220 Pa
Flammability (DIN53438) F1
Temparature resistance constant < 100 oC
Temparature short peaks < 120 oC
Roll sizes standard 2x20 m.

Products produced according to customer size requirements.


Update : 2013-08-29
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