Nylon mesh filter

NF-Common Applications

The Air Filter is manufactured in different colors - black, white . It has a long life usage and is easy to clean with water. It is a suitable raw material for the manufacturing of air filters in every air treatment system and their available models. It is able to filter dust particles in the air and helps extend the usage of the air treatment system. It can also be adapted and applied to sound speakers.
  • Replaceable media
  • Double Function
  • Light weight
NF-Design Features

High airflow rate, Low resistance, washable and reusable Long operating life high performance and best price
Preparatory filtrationin central air, Conditioning and house hold Air conditioner, Special acid and base resistance, ventilating filtration
Frame: Aluminum or Galvanized
Replaceable Media: Nylon mesh filter
Recommended Final Resistance: 200-250 Pa
Mesh :38 x 38
Color : Black or White
Technical Data :
W*H (mm) Area (m2) Efficiency Net layer Airflow (CMH) Initial
Pressure (Pa)
295*595 0.34 G1 1 750 25
595*595 0.71 G1 1600 25
295*595 0.68 G2 2 750 30
595*595 1.42 G2 1600 30

Products produced according to customer size requirements.

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Update : 2013-08-29
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