AC100-Common Applications
  • air conditioning systems in office, department stores, schools, laboratory, etc.
  • Pre-filter for fine filters
  • Pre-filter in paint-booth-systems
AC100-Design Features
  • Absorb
  • Low resistance
  • Excellent flame retardant
  • Flexible
  • Economical and practical
Fiber activated carbon media is made of high-quality activated carbon powder as absoption material. It is adopted of macromolecule adhesive material enclosed at fiber base with excellent absorption performance, good sharp, high strength, low air flow. Widely used in various domestic and car air-conditioner, air purifier, water purification, and gas absoption ect. Fiber activated carbon media can also be single-used for filtering effect with the super-fine synthetic fiber.
CTC absorption: 40-50%
Thickness: 3-20mm
Width: 1-2m
Length: 20-100m
Air velocity at test 1.5 m/s
Norminal Thickness 10-12 mm.
Dust holding at test final 420g/m2
Class according (DIN EN779) G2
Average arrestance (DIN EN779) 75%
Rate air flow 5400 m3/h
Initial pressure drop 20 Pa
Final pressure drop 220 Pa
Flammability (DIN53438) F1
Temparature resistance constant < 100 °C
Temparature short peaks. < 120 °C
Roll sizes standard 1x20 m.

Products produced according to customer size requirements.

Update : 2013-08-29
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